Vistage Explained

At Vistage, our values of Trust, Caring, Challenge and Growth are essential to how Vistage works. When Chairs and members live our values, leaders and their businesses are transformed. Through these expertly facilitated discussions, What to do? becomes What to do. Perspective is achieved, a definitive plan of action is determined. In subsequent meetings, progress is checked and accountability ensured. Are you ready for the challenge?

The core of Vistage is the CEO peer advisory groups. Facilitated by Vistage executive coaches, these monthly discussions cover a wide variety of topics—from strategic planning to performance indicators.

In a trusted, confidential setting unique to Vistage groups, executives from diverse, non-competing industries meet once a month in a peer-to-peer environment to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

Members applaud peer advisory groups as a place where they can support each other and receive counseling from each other on business activities. Groups consist of members from small to large companies and many industries, including technology, government contracting, manufacturing, financial services and many more.

Chief executives and small business owners thrive on knowledge and fresh insight to keep their companies moving forward. Our Expert speakers are thought leaders who inspire new ideas, strategies and perspectives, focusing on the most relevant solutions business leaders can immediately implement in their companies.

The focus of the speaker workshops is not on why an idea is important, but rather how to apply those ideas, and how doing so will make a difference and drive results now.

One of the benefits of being a Vistage member is the one-on-one coaching that you can receive from your chair. The chair is your objective business adviser–often a former CEO–who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. They provide:

  • Objective advice on issues affecting your company
  • Insight on industry trends
  • Help you establish your company’s long- and short-term of goals

  • And, most of all, support

The singular focus on members’ specific issues results in greater professional growth and peace of mind.

Vistage members converge at local conferences to exchange ideas and connect with Vistage members and executive coaches beyond their own groups. Expert speakers and interactive workshops create extraordinary learning experiences, with members gathering in a a group setting to discuss topics of mutual interest.

Worldwide member network

Every Vistage member belongs to an ever-expanding global network of nearly 15,000 business leaders, expert resource speakers, Vistage executive coaches and other professionals.

The online Vistage Member Network allows members to post questions concerning business and life-balance issues and receive guidance and suggestions from the global Vistage network. My Vistage gives each member access to more than 5,000 searchable articles and audio-visual content, including thought-leader pieces, practical tips, case studies and best practices

If you lead a company in the St. Louis metro area, and are interested in joining other local CEO’s who are committed to improving their effectiveness and enhancing their lives, I would love to meet with you and get acquainted.