“…Vistage keeps me fearless. My group is a constant reminder that I’m not alone…”

Sandy Marisco

Principal, Sandstorm Design

“I recommend Vistage all the time when I meet CEOs.”

Jeffrey Bershaed

CEO, Phillip Jeffries



Vistage unlocks my potential and helps CEOs dream big—and execute their big dreams with concrete plans. The speakers are phenomenal, the fellow CEOs inspiring, and Jonathan’s professional experience and group conduction is incredible. Vistage is helping change the world.

Day Veerlapati

Behrmann Company

Vistage has had a very positive impact on my business; I have access to the best advisors in their respective professions, webinars that are both informative and challenging and it gives me access to a diverse group of peers to discuss everyday issue and help me with a resolution. I am making better decisions. With the resources from Vistage, I have been able to improve many of our business processes. Also, I have been able gain access to best practices from my peer group.

It is extremely helpful to have the 1-2-1 to bounce ideas off of the chair. Knowing that his motivation is to provide ideas and help me with my business and not just bill hours (like a lot of consultants) allows me to know his input truly has my businesses best interest in mind.

Walt Steiner
Chief Executive Officer of Behrmann Company

Quantum Solutions, Inc.

When I met with Jonathan, he highlighted the many leaders in his group. I recall being impressed by the relationship he spoke to with each leader, which suggested a tight bond among the group that eased some of my concerns. The group comprised of companies having unique commonalities, but still presenting much diversity among the industries served. Within just a couple months of being a member, I have already become quite familiar with many members of the group, and with each meeting I gain confidence and comfort in the group settings. I’ve enjoyed the group speakers, who deliver inspiring presentations that seem to refocus and energize me between meetings.

Jonathan also holds leaders accountable each month with 1-2-1 sessions that help hone company issues for upcoming group sessions, as well as make progress on action items from previous commitments. I imagine my issues are far different from those of a larger organization, but Vistage has thus far proved invaluable in organizing my priorities and instilling confidence in the decisions.

Eric Casciaro
Chief Executive Officer & Owner of Quantum Solutions, Inc.

Kasten Masonry Sales

I have great respect for Jonathan in his approach to helping others turn their business around, or just keeping them in line and focused on making their business the best it can be. I look forward to the future in working with Jonathan and Vistage.

Quentin Kasten
General Manager of Kasten Masonry Sales

KAI Design & Build

“After 25 years in business, I invested in Jonathan Jones to facilitate and implement a strategic plan for my Architecture and Engineering firm in 2006.

Jonathan engaged intimately as an organization mentor and leadership coach for our current and future executives and managers. Jonathan was a catalyst to help us transform our culture, methods, and processes toward becoming a leader in the design and build industry, while preserving our emphasis on design leadership within our culture.

Jonathan guided us with a framework that has that defined our economic engine that funded our growth and defined us as a leader in the market segments we are best able to and desire to serve. Jonathan connected the details to create a performance culture. To date, we are a year ahead of many objectives set and have grown in the markets where we desired our growth to be.

Our people, who are our greatest asset, are a better team who collaborate extremely well with our partners and clients. I feel that I have already received a significant return on my investment in Jonathan. Our work accelerated my ability to confidently promote my son to president with a strong team around him, with a firm knowledge he is prepared to lead KAI Design & Build for the next 30 years. I am pleased to recommend Jonathan Jones Consulting.”

Michael Kennedy Sr.
Chairman & CEO of KAI Design & Build