Driving Profitability Through Strategic Pricing

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April 19th   8:00 – 11:30 a.m. KEY
April 20th   8:00 – 11:30 a.m. CEO
April 21st   8:00 – 11:30 a.m. CEO

In this highly interactive presentation, Doug Butdorf launches participants onto a path to improve pricing, dramatically increase profits, and grow sales. He delivers impactful content in an interactive and entertaining format, using real-world stories and relevant exercises. Key topics include:

1. Power of Pricing & Discounting: Pricing has a dramatic effect on profitability. Discounting is the enemy of profitability, often used unnecessarily out of phantom fears of sales volume loss. Reducing unnecessary discounting can drive double digit profit growth. Real-world examples illustrate the power of price to lift margins.
2. Price Sensitivity & Segmentation: Not every customer and product or service is equally price sensitive. Leveraging variable sensitivity allows businesses to increase pricing in targeted areas for improved profit without volume loss. Even in highly competitive industries, there are pockets of unexercised pricing power.
3. Value-Based Pricing: Here’s a counter-intuitive truth: sellers are more focused on price than buyers. Relentless focus on understanding and communicating value allow businesses to increase pricing and grow sales. Doug’s style is very interactive, relatable, and favors high retention. He uses real-world stories, fun exercises, technology, and humor to keep his audiences engaged while delivering business content of great consequence.


About Doug Butdorf
Doug Butdorf is a Senior Pricing Consultant at Boost, a firm that helps companies improve profits through better pricing. He speaks about strategic pricing and trains teams to drive culture change and dramatic, sustainable results. Doug is seasoned in pricing, sales, marketing and business development at Fortune 500 corporations and start-ups alike. Doug has significant experience and expertise in a wide variety of business arenas, including business-to-business and direct-to-consumer e-commerce development, vendor managed inventory processes, construction and building products, warehousing, and capital raising.
During his time in Corporate America, Doug successfully commercialized pricing optimization initiatives and led face-to-face nationwide pricing training across a national sales force. In each of his businesses, he has delivered strong growth and profit performance with optimum market pricing using Boost pricing methodologies. Doug holds a degree in Cultural Studies and Economics and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. He lives in Plattsburgh, New York with his family, where he is active in his local community.
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