• Second Order Consequences and the C-Suite
  • Opportunity Triage
  • Big Data or Thick Data?
  • Econ Recon: Tapping the Brakes….. Why Are There So Many Jobs?

Second Order Consequences and The C-Suite

Being a C-Level Executive means having a point of view about the future.  Many executives limit their thinking about the future to the initial impact of a particular change but don’t think about what happens after that. Business (and life) is often like a row of dominoes:  we push one over and that in turn pushes over many others that would have remained upright but for the first one falling, often with even more significant consequences.

Most everyone knows that the electric car and autonomous (driverless) vehicles promise to be real game changers for the automotive business in the years ahead.  But the impact will not be limited to batteries and cars.   This article on Cars and Second Order Consequences will help you explore the impact of the two developments mentioned above well beyond the arena of transportation.

Will your industry be a casualty, or a beneficiary, of these changes? This article may give you a new process for thinking about the longer term impact of the specific challenges you may be facing.

Opportunity Triage

Companies often trip themselves up by pursuing too many opportunities and not doing well with any of them.  Maybe a better job of selection would help.  Seth Godin, author of one of the best marketing blogs on the web suggests you do adopt a practice used in emergency rooms to figure that what to do next….take thirty seconds for some insight on opportunity triage.

Big Data or Thick Data?

Many companies are using “big data” and analytics to get an edge in the market place.   But big data is not the only kind of data that businesses should be looking at.   “Thick data” may be just as important; perhaps more so.   Don’t know what thick data is?  Take a few minutes to learn more about an important tool that could make a big difference.

Econ Recon: Tapping the Brakes ….Why are there so any jobs?

Tapping the Brakes: The economy is in its ninth year of expansion and recent economic metrics have been strong.  How long will it last?  ITR Economics CEO Brian Beaulieu wonders if the economy is starting to tap the brakes.

Why Are There So Many Jobs? :  Many economists have warned that technology will eliminate the middle class and create social chaos.   In this TED talk, an economist looks at technology breakthrough and asks a different question:  why are there still so many jobs?   This 18 minute TED talk is required viewing for anyone concerned about this question for their own career ….or that of the young people in their lives.